Rangers fans’ outrage over club announcement

Rangers fans’ outrage over club announcement

Rangers fans, exasperated already at the call off and state of the pitch in Govan, have expressed outrage, disappointment and disgust at the reschedule of the match tomorrow afternoon.

Protesting at the short notice, especially for those who came over from Northern Ireland, supporters have reacted in confusion and annoyance at weekend plans being disrupted thanks to such a quick reschedule.

A major reason we suggested earlier how this postponement was deeply damaging to Rangers was due to the lack of slots later in the season – we didn’t believe the match could or would ever be postponed 24 hours. Doing so is rather unprecedented.

And furthermore, how on earth is the pitch going to be perfectly playable 24 hours after it isn’t?

We’re more than a bit baffled at best by all this, and we’re pretty sure we’re by no means alone.

At least it won’t cause huge congestion down the line, but everything else about this is rather bewildering.

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