Rangers fans demand a big change – but there’s no chance Stevie will go for it


Earlier we suggested a new formation, slightly, but crucially, an altered selection in personnel.

As we know, Matt Polster is looking in pretty solid defensive form – not overly ‘exuberant’ in attacking but he still adds some decent crosses.

But naturally James Tavernier’s return edges ever-closer and it won’t be long till he’s back in the team.

But we don’t want to lose Polster.

So in an Ibrox Noise poll, we asked if you were interested in the pair of them – Tavernier as a RW, and Polster continuing at RB.

To say the least the numbers were overwhelming.

Just 14% of you wanted Polster dropped for Tav, while only 8% wanted Polster to remain and Tav to continue on the sidelines.

Indeed, 78% of all replies advocated our suggestion of Polster RB, Tav RW and swapping responsibilities.

It really is a simple answer to a slight conundrum, and also shows supporters aren’t much impressed with Joe Aribo in that position either.

Problem is, we just can’t see the manager going with it. We reckon Polster will lose his place, and Tav will be back in, and Aribo will continue at RW.

And if and when that does happen, we’d be seriously considering the manager’s credentials for the job any more.