Rangers’ announcement harks back to 2018 shambles

Rangers’ announcement harks back to 2018 shambles

Rangers today confirmed CTM (Corporate Travel Management) are the club’s new official travel packages supplier, giving fans complete control and comfort for arrangements regarding Rangers’ overseas trips.

Rangers supporters may well remember the absolute shambles from ‘Thomas Cook Sport’ who failed appallingly to arrange Rangers’ overseas excursions after being unveiled as the official travel partner in 2018, and of course their parent company went out of business completely four months ago, so the writing was clearly on the wall a year earlier.

CTM, boasting a much better pedigree (they’ve arranged trips for Rangers supporters before) with the club, are now permanently installed and we’d imagine with their superior performance and reliability we are unlikely to ever see the embarrassment we experienced under Thomas Cook.

Naturally we sympathise with the thousands who lost their jobs for the now-defunct travel company, but if the incompetency we experienced under their jurisdiction is anything to go by, we’re very glad we have a solid partner now dealing with these affairs.

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