Morelos stunner proves the media doesn’t matter

Morelos stunner proves the media doesn’t matter

The revelation that Alfredo Morelos is once again undergoing talks over a new deal is yet another twist in a season which is proving one of the liveliest for decades.

We’re stunned that the Colombian, already on a very handsome salary and contracted till 2023, is in talks to extend that, again.

Obviously Croat Borna Barisic’s deal was increased to 2024, and evidently Rangers want to do at least the same with the club’s star asset and get him up to the same year, with a matching salary.

In short, Rangers are doing everything in their power to guarantee Morelos will either stay for many years, or be sold at a gigantic profit.

In truth, with the appalling treatment of him in the media, we’re surprised the ex-HJK man would even consider wanting to remain in this backwater, but equally we doubt few players are loved in Scotland by their club and fans in the way the hitman is at Ibrox.

Morelos might be despised by the SPL, hated by non-Rangers fans and abused by the press, but his club and his supporters idolise him and he’s as close to a God as this support has seen for decades.

We’d suggest the fan love towards Morelos goes into Gascoigne and Laudrup territory, although different times and different moods, but either way Rangers’ desire to pin him down even longer and pay him yet more is evidence this club is taking the retention of Morelos very seriously indeed.

If worst case scenario, and he leaves in the future, a deal till 2024 guarantees a sale price of gargantuan proportions.

But even then, that these talks have opened, shows Morelos isn’t going to be rattled out of Scottish football.

He’s a young man, and while he loses his way a little on the pitch now and then, he’s a true man, and mentally stronger than this country gives him credit for.

The more they want rid of him, the more he seems determined to stay.

No Surrender Alfie.

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