Morelos Sky racism scandal – Celtic response ‘laughable’…

Morelos Sky racism scandal – Celtic response ‘laughable’…

The Alfredo Morelos interview scandal probably just about sums up the outright disease that has permeated the Scottish game, and how morally bankrupt this country is.

And crucially, how the media, even the British and global conglomerate Sky sings to the Parkhead tune – which causes untold damage.

Let’s be clear – yes, it is apparently proven that Morelos did NOT directly accuse Celtic fans of racist abuse at him on the 29th of December as he went off.

But what he said was even worse, and Celtic have used it to admonish themselves of blame, deflect it over to Aberdeen, and effectively spin the sorry saga as worthy of an apology to them (and to Rangers) because, well, everyone does it.

So, in short, because Morelos confirms he gets abuse from every ground, from throughout Scotland, specifically mentioning Aberdeen, Celtic have ended up with an apology because he didn’t directly mention their name.

Does anything else define just how utterly twisted this situation has become? That Celtic have managed to turn a socially disturbing observation of racism in society and Scottish football grounds to them taking the high ground over it?

This is a worrying precedent.

Just because Morelos didn’t say it happened that day exactly, doesn’t mean Celtic fans are angel who haven’t racially abused him. Because they have – just like everyone else.

He’s the most smeared player in Scotland, and we’ve been depressingly unshocked to get holier-than-thou replies demanding retractions to our content over this story with Celtic fans feeling vindicated.

Do they have any idea what a hole they’ve dug for themselves? That they’ve demanded and got an apology because they’ve been shown, like everyone else other than Rangers, to be racist towards Morelos – but how dare their name be used!

It’s just laughable, and it’s the media dancing to the east end song.

As usual.

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