More media lies about Rangers exposed

More media lies about Rangers exposed

Ok, time to finally address this Alfredo Morelos private eye personal
problems story. We’ve avoided this one due to the astonishingly tabloid
and gutter press nature of it, but it’s time to put a few things to bed
about this yarn.

First off, it came from a gloriously notorious red top, one which claimed Greg Docherty was definitely NOT moving to Hibs.

Secondly, where do we even start with this story?

short, the claim is his wife hired a PI to investigate claims about her
husband – something, incidentally, she completely denies.

part that gets us is that the story makes the allegation some private
dick tried to install a tracking device under Morelos’ car, to catch him
doing… whatever.

There’s a problem here – and it’s a doozy:

Doing so is illegal, and private investigators will NOT do anything illegal.

job of a PI is to find things out a normal person would struggle to, it
is NOT their job nor are they willing to break the law for a client.

No PI will risk their licence, their job, and their freedom just to satisfy a client’s needs.

It’s not worth it, no matter what they pay.

perhaps, would an inscrutable PI resort to this, but these are rogue
traders who are not operating legally and definitely not to be trusted.

Our point? The story is fabrication, lazy journalism, not checked for accuracy and instead used for clicks and sales.

Well, no change there then, we suppose.

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