Latest SFA meltdown reveals true anti-Rangers sentiment

Latest SFA meltdown reveals true anti-Rangers sentiment

Earlier on we discussed how it’s time Rangers stood up and spoke out over the atrocious refereeing blighting our matches.

How the uneven handling of them shows that there’s a genuine anti-Rangers vendetta within the annals of the SFA, and how we just want a fair playing field.

Well yet another decision today confirms the disgraceful level of bias against Rangers and for Celtic when serial offender Leigh Griffiths got away with his second loss of discipline in two weeks.

Following his missile incident at Killie, the Celtic striker was today given a reprieve over his stamp incident at New Douglas Park v Hamilton, following a citating by the attending official.

Yes, this one was cited, but despite it being his second crime in a short space of time, the troubled wee soul got off with the booking he received.

If nothing else demonstrates the agenda in this country which is getting worse by the week, this would be it.

There is no doubt had this been a Rangers player, and of course, it was, last season, in the form of Allan McGregor, he would have received a two or three match ban.

And he’d have deserved it.

But little Leigh got off Scot free. Purely down to Clare Whyte’s discretion and not on a technicality like Morelos’ Parkhead incident was.

There is zero question things are not even in this country – ever since Rangers rose back to our normal level, current blip aside, the handling of how poorly discipline has been done shows there’s a long way to go before the authorities treat Rangers with the same fairness and ‘generosity’ they do Celtic.

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