Incredulous – Rangers and rivals launch volley v SFA & Celtic

Incredulous – Rangers and rivals launch volley v SFA & Celtic

Once again the staggering hypocrisy and inconsistency of the SFA and SPFL has been exposed, with the pro-Celtic agenda being prevalent once again, and once again Rangers’ Managing Director Stewart Robertson has been forced to call it out.

As most will know, Inverness’ James Keatings’ comical booking for simulation was upheld, despite clear video evidence demonstrating it was not a dive, and the attacker will now miss the Challenge Cup final.

Meanwhile Rangers launched a blistering attack on the annals of Hampden after Ryan Kent’s celebration not to mention the Easter Road dugout rammy led to fines from the SFA at Ibrox, with yet again another clear indication of utterly partial discrimination.

And yet Celtic? We’re still waiting for Scott Brown’s ‘up yours’ gesture to be cited. Greg Taylor’s throat slash to be cited. No? No surprise there. The only time they handed a ban out was a symbolic gesture against Ryan Christie when he was injured anyway and wouldn’t be available for a few matches.

Basically if your club isn’t Celtic, the SFA isn’t on your side. If you’re Rangers or any other side in the entire SPFL, expect unfair calls, poor decisions, and an appalling lack of justice at all times.

Inverness made it clear:

“If the individuals involved in the tribunal can watch the footage and call this simulation, there can be no other conclusion other than they do not understand football.”

About as stinging as it gets.

Meanwhile our own MD said:

“We’re extremely disappointed. We’re going to appeal it. We have been disappointed for quite some time in the way that the disciplinary process is working. We’ve been quite vocal in that.”

Or isn’t working.

The SFA and SPFL are easily the worst-run associations in modern football at the ‘top’ level, and they disgrace this country and undermine every ounce of credibility it tries to have.

Their eagerness to pander to Celtic means logic, sense and justice go out the window and we’re left with an uneven system slamming everything that isn’t green or white.


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