Ibrox shock – the pitch is… indescribable

Ibrox shock – the pitch is… indescribable

As everyone now knows the match today has been called off due to weather, but not just the weather.

As this footage shows properly, the state of the Ibrox turf is beyond terrible, beyond poor, and isn’t any more fit for senior football than a plastic surface.

How it was allowed to deteriorate to this level we cannot fathom – historically Ibrox has had a few issues with the winter cutting the pitch up, degrading it a bit – and that is Mother Nature for you.

But other pitches around the country don’t suffer to this extent and we cannot understand why it’s happened this excruciatingly to Ibrox.

We’re no horticulturalists so we don’t pretend we know the tech of this, but the basics should surely be a top flight SPL pitch is available and in playable condition throughout the season.

This one looks barely fit for moles.

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