Has Steven Gerrard lost the dressing room?

Has Steven Gerrard lost the dressing room?

When we wrote this piece 10 days ago, we were hung high by 99% of the supporters who responded.

Accusations of tims, liars, sh*t stirrers – you name it.

Bear in mind, we were only publishing a rumour that was already out there, and we were analysing it for truth. We were not saying, categorically, that Steven Gerrard had lost the dressing room.

But if he hasn’t after last night, we’ll be stunned.

In his post-mortem, Gerrard announced he had been proven wrong by his squad, that his players in fact didn’t seem to be winners after all.

He also admitted he himself screwed up, and his mistakes had led in part to this point.

But it’s the pointing of the finger at the players, not for the first time as a manager, which could ultimately be his downfall anyway.

He’s right in a way, of course – it’s evident some of these players aren’t champion mentality – well, no sh*t sherlock – few of them have even won silverware, never mind a league.

But it’s the public smearing of them, repeatedly, that Gerrard is guilty of which sees players downing tools.

Steven Gerrard has only ever protected two of his players publicly – Alfredo Morelos, and James Tavernier. He defended them both, separately, in the face of criticism and adversity.

But that’s it – every other time a player f*cks up, Gerrard either publicly hangs or drops them.

Even Connor Goldson hasn’t received the backing of his manager, just his place.

Gerrard is in a perilous place now, a place largely of his own making.

He’s made some monumental errors, and we would have to say now that the players aren’t really playing for him any more.

It’s happened too many times this year for it to just be coincidence.

And now he’s called them directly on it, indirectly calling them losers – would you play for a manager who castigates your very character?

That’s dangerous ground, and we’d say it’s a very real possibility that the public flogging of the players you signed could be the beginning of the end for Steven Gerrard at Ibrox.

We’ll see if he can salvage something by way of a miracle, or if we have to start re-evaluating the future.

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