BBC plumb new depths in anti-Rangers attack

BBC plumb new depths in anti-Rangers attack

Just when you thought the BBC might have offered a tiny olive branch in the form of the suspension of Michael Stewart who spouted anti Rangers rhetoric, the Beeb shows once again how low it is prepared to go by hosting former Rangers ‘chairman’ Craig Whyte, promoting his book, and even having the audacity to suggest Rangers are a new club, to his agreement.

Pacific Quay’s conduct on this one was even worse than usual – deliberately setting about exonerating Whyte, giving him a platform, and for right or wrong giving him a platform to express his views, especially the ones making him out to be a good guy and a hero.

Funnily enough the BBC did not address the very reason HMRC came after Whyte, after Rangers, and that was the illegal retention of VAT, NI and PAYE.

No, they gave him every room to defend his actions, to condemn Rangers, and Sir David Murray, and make a claim he had in fact invested £20M in the club. The £20M he ‘borrowed’ from Ticketus…

Plus the £5M the club did not get for Nikica Jelavic despite selling him for that to Everton.

Portrayed him as a saint…

And the BBC have plumbed new depths by raising the new club nonsense and giving Whyte a platform to plug his Celtic novel.

We’re not going to waste any more time, other than to highlight further how toxic the BBC have become.

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