Absurd press allegations show how far they’ll go

Absurd press allegations show how far they’ll go

As we mentioned earlier, the Scottish press are so desperate for attention, click, and views that they’ve already turned their attention to Rangers’ on-loan forward Ianis Hagi.

The claim is London giants West Ham have watched him, and indeed, this story is so absurd and laughable on two major counts.

First off, as was reported and has now been officially confirmed, Rangers have an option to buy this summer – assuming the Romanian’s stunning form continues, and he shows himself to be value for the £4-5M quoted for his permanent signature, it’s an option Rangers are clearly going to take up. It’s first refusal, so there’s no point in anyone else looking at him. If he impresses, he stays. He is effectively already our player.

Secondly, it just has to be laughed at that as soon as a player kicks the ball in the right direction at Ibrox, he’s now a target for every PL side under the side, aside the big 6 or 7. Hell, even Man Utd were linked to Morelos at one time. Our point being the links are just the inevitable press reaction to an Old Firm player excelling. It’s depressing and we’ll have another piece on its ramifications later, but we have to laugh at it anyway.

We guess the baseline point here is that even a player on loan is now a target for the tabloids, and the speed with which they’ve gone to town speculating and making stuff up about Hagi must be some kind of new record.

It’s embarrassing. Instead of quality journalism, they scrape the barrel with this nonsense designed purely for traffic and sales.

Now, we will be rational and point out the claim ‘alleges’ West Ham’s interest was before Rangers got him, we think, but we’re not 100% on that one. Either way, the headlines just highlight their interest.

Instead of telling us what is happening, they tell us what they want us to consume.

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