A new beginning at Ibrox – although Rangers left without choice

A new beginning at Ibrox – although Rangers left without choice

As Rangers confirm an end to the Hummel partnership, we have to breathe a sigh of relief.

As we said in our last piece, they fit us at the time and it’s time to move on, but it’s hardly ever going to be forgotten what a disaster they made when it came to manufacturing and distributing the shirt.

Aside the seasons of shirt boycotts and Sports Direct garbage, 2019/20 will go down as a belated return to the dark days of those shirt shambles when Hummel were unable to cope with demand and Rangers fans could barely buy a shirt before around Xmas.

Even right at the time of writing, the shirt for the current season isn’t even in stock on the specific store created for this purpose – true, there’s all the Sports Direct court nonsense which saw a temporary curfew on shirt sales and it’s all been a complete mess this season, including the court ruling which saw Rangers banned from actually selling the shirt by them from next season onwards, but when we were able to sell them, Hummel were a mess in distributing them.

In short, this was a deal which basically didn’t work very well for Rangers.

The legal stuff tarnished it, yes, but Hummel themselves were the wrong fit.

We are looking most forward, hopefully, to their name coming off Auchenhowie – as we said, this wasn’t a name we felt fit with the grandeur of the club, and if we are to go that route again, we’d hope for a better name up there.

Or better yet, none – a nice traditional Rangers Training Centre is fine by us!

But end of the day, 19/20 was the season of yet more shambles with shirts and sports direct – and we really hope from this summer onwards, those are a thing of the past.

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