Will Stevie change his mind on forgotten man?

Will Stevie change his mind on forgotten man?

We all remember the 7h of May 2017 well, not because of any significance with the date, but due to the memorable and impressive debut of now-forgotten man Jamie Barjonas at Firhill.

His ‘unveil’ certainly stuck out – on in the 71st minute, the-now 20-year old midfielder was assured, comfortable, and didn’t seem overawed by the quality of opponent.

He delivered well and many fans felt this was the start of his growth into a first-team player, given all the promise he was showing.

Sadly, for Barjonas, despite a few more outings under then-boss Pedro Caixinha, he faded into utter obscurity and suffered the ignominy of loan hell, before arriving back last summer and ever since, being consigned to the Dev Squad.

Of course, Barjonas did sign a new deal recently, with an October contract extending him till next year, but we really wonder what the point was.

Yes, we do want to keep our promising talent, but we’re not convinced Stevie rates this lad. And in truth, we’re not sure we do either.

Loans at Raith and Bury were his lot last season, and while he did not bad in both of them (14 outings in the league for each) we can’t really say he’s shone enough to be promoted to the first team.

Let’s face it, the cream rises whatever age, unless the manager simply doesn’t like the player – the latter being more of a personal issue, and those are unfortunate.

But Barjonas has never really been given a major chance under any manager bar Pedro, and frankly he didn’t have a clue, so that’s not the best barometer.

The midfielder really is the club’s forgotten man and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

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  1. Still don't think the lad, has had a fair go. Why sign him on, if we are doing nothing with him? He only played once, but got an assist, as far as I remember. But this seems to be the way it is.

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