What’s happened to Ryan Kent?

What’s happened to Ryan Kent?

No, this isn’t ‘international find a new player to bully’ day, because our readers know we are huge fans of Ryan Kent, but we must say we miss him.

Because the Ryan Kent that joined this summer isn’t the one we wanted.

He’s scored a few amazing goals, yes, no argument there, and we’ve loved those goals – but what’s happened to the Kenty who tore players’ arses up, left right and centre – who ran past players like they weren’t there, who destroyed defences on his own?

Remember those incredible matches in 2018 when he absolutely leathered Hearts, Rapid and Celtic? He was electric, bums off seats astonishing.

Since we signed him permanently he’s been ok, decent, with some top-dollar goals thrown in.

He just hasn’t been the defence-shredding winger he was.

We remember the sheer adrenaline of him ripping the p*sh out of Lego Eater in December 18, forcing him into pulling him down for a foul.

We don’t see any of that any more, none of that flying adrenalizing wing play, the thrilling high-octane running that kills defences, driving past them and making them look stupid.

The few times he’s tried it he’s lost control or just lost his way. He wasn’t even that electric in the second half of 18, if we’re honest, but we put that down, in part, to him being unsettled in knowing he was going back to Liverpool with an uncertain future. There was also a nagging hint defences knew how to deal with him in the SPL better.

But is that it? Is that what’s happened to this player?

Remember, he’s the second most expensive player in Rangers’ history, and while he’s not flopping, he’s changed. Or been a bit found out.

And we’re not sure we’re terribly fond of any of it.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing pish,it looks to me all the players on new contracts arent giving a fuck now,theve got what they wanted,now there just sitting back with the slippers on,Jack included since he signed new deal pure crap never kicked a baw
    No wonder lemon was laughing yesterday he knew what was coming,another fuckup
    They should all be docked their wages for that load of shite

  2. Kent goal apart was invisible , Hearts just swotted him away like a fly . He isn't the player of last season at all. Jordan Jones should get his chance now .

  3. I remember all the good bits from last season but I also remember the games when he was non existent on many occasions , nothing has changed imo

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