Waste of a jersey – but he still plays

Waste of a jersey – but he still plays

If there was one thing more desperate yesterday than Rangers’ abject display, it was deep into the second half and the obligatory warm up from the utterly useless Sheyi Ojo.

Yes, we’ve called it – he’s a waste of a jersey, who offers nothing but frustration. And yet as the minutes ticked away yesterday, the inevitable sight of him getting ready to come on and not Jordan Jones was beyond belief.

Jones hasn’t had a sniff since his admittedly poor outing v Stranraer – but again, them’s the rules that apply to guys like him and Polster, and not to the Sheyi Ojos or Jon Flanagans of this world.

Indeed, as we touched on a few entries again, Steven Gerrard has made it clear that Ojo will play, ‘because we need him’ – implying strongly that he only ‘hopes’ he kicks onto form.

Whereas someone like Jones? Plays poorly, and gets dumped – no second chance.

That image of the hopeless Liverpool winger doing his stretching in the background while the team flailed on the Tynecastle turf as Jones sat on unable to do a thing summed up the bizarre hatred the manager appears to have for absolutely no reason for certain players.

Forget the September red, it’s history now, and you can’t hold a grudge forever, poor though it was. Pretty sure Alfredo Morelos has been forgiven for worse.

Jones is an NI international, with assists at the top level and was impressive at Killie – it’s why he got his big move.

But it hasn’t worked at Ibrox yet because his manager doesn’t like him.

And so it’s Ojo (or Barker) who gets the sub appearance, and once again does nothing with it, but already knows he’s in the plans for the next month or two anyway.

As for Jones, we have no idea how his future at Ibrox will or can pan out.

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  1. Ojo is another Josh Windass, for me. All flash and no, end result. You can have all the fakes & dummies & deft chips, you like. But if none of them are going in the back of the net, what use are you?? About as much use as a tea pot without a handle. But as for him constantly being played. I ask again, what is McAllistair doing? He's meant to be advising SG. Seems like he's zero-input.

  2. Ojo is utter garbage and does not deserve to wear the Jersey there is nothing about that makes you think well he might come good he's had long enough and at end of the day he is pish

  3. Totally agree especially about mcallister. Gerrard has the arrogance about him like it's his way or the high way, well he's had millions to spend and his selections,are questionable to say the least.. Ojo.. Barker, Flanagan, polster, There's nobody bigger than our club and Gerrard will be out if he loses the league this season.or finishes with not a trophy. Just my opinion.!!

  4. Liverpool have obviously had a clause written in to the deal that when fit he plays or at least on the bench, and i still fear Gerrard's loyalty with Liverpool could cost us dearly. People like Jones and Docherty proven SPL players would make a bigger impact coming off the bench than Ojo and Barker.

  5. Beginning to wonder if Stevie G is becoming a flash in the pan. When he keeps faith in Ojo he just does not cut it. If things don't start turning around it will be another trophy less season at Ibrox.

  6. The Rangers squad is bare thin yes we rely heavily on the players we have not getting injured or suspended that could be our downfall.Lets not go into a meltdown there will be more twists and turns in the league run in WATP

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