Two out, one extension, and a lot of frustration

Two out, one extension, and a lot of frustration

In case you missed it, Rangers today (unofficially) confirmed the departures of Jamie Murphy and Jamie Barjonas, to Burton and Partick respectively while confirming the extension of Andy Firth.

We’re not going to sit here and spin propaganda about how good all this is for the club, because it isn’t.

None of this is great news, and we’re hardly bouncing up and down to have lost a decent squad winger, and a midfield talent. Or that the third-choice goalie is getting another year while our own Robby McCrorie stays out on loan.

This isn’t the January window we hoped for, because nothing useful is coming in, and only one wage thief has been outright removed.

The rest are either loan terminations, or new loans out.

While this article isn’t meant to be doom and gloom, when we compare it to last January’s heroics of Davis, Defoe and Kamara, it’s just not great with barely 10 days of this window left.

We haven’t strengthened the squad, and while Stevie has gone on about the squad being too big, it’s not that it’s too large, it’s that it’s too weak as a whole.

The main matchday group is great, and we’ve said that many times, but the fringe players are not good enough to deputise, and we’re thinning out what we do have while failing to bring in any quality to enhance that squad depth.

We’ll probably get accused of being Celtic fans, which we always do when we’re critical, so bring it on – we couldn’t care less. Says more about anyone who goes there than it does about us.

But if you think this January window has been a positive one so far, you’re a much more optimistic sort than we are.

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  1. We 100% need another striker. If morelos gets injured i doubt Defoe could play every game until end of season.

  2. As for the goalkeepers I think McCrorie is getting the better deal. He has been sent out to play (I hope) while Firth is left to hang around as third choice goalkeeper. I know which one I would rather be.

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