Stevie G makes BIG January transfer announcement Gers fans will love

Stevie G makes BIG January transfer announcement Gers fans will love

Steven Gerrard has affirmed the story all Rangers fans wanted to hear categorically:

No prized assets will be sold this January.

Alfredo Morelos, again, is the name on everyone’s lips as dubious sources start alleging Tottenham and Inter are interested, not to mention throwing Barcelona into the mix for good measure, but regardless of all this piffle, the manager has now formally stated, clearly, Morelos and the rest are NOT leaving:

“In terms of selling any of our assets, any of our top players, that won’t be happening. The important thing is we’re all on the same page. Dave King, the board, Stewart Robertson, Ross Wilson, myself, my staff, even the players themselves — we’re all on the same page in terms of where we’re trying to take this and what we want.”

So, in simple terms, Morelos, Kamara, Tavernier, Aribo, Goldson, Barisic – none of these players will be moving an inch, unless, of course, some utterly ludicrous offer impossible to reject arrives.

But we can’t see anyone submitting such a bid for any of our players, not now.

Gerrard has admitted offers could indeed arrive:

“We haven’t had a bid in black and white for any of our players so
far in the window. Will that happen from now until the end? Possibly, I
don’t know, I wouldn’t like to predict it.”

But in terms of selling Morelos for £20M, or Goldson for £6M, or Barisic for £10M – forget it. These offers come nowhere near what would amount to ‘crazy’ and the players in question won’t go anywhere.

The issue, of course, remains that the whole squad isn’t quite good enough, and with only 9 days to go, unless some more go out, no one else will be coming in, so we’ll have to rely on the likes of Brandon Barker and Andy Halliday should we lose a first-team member to injury or suspension.

But the main group, sales-wise, will not be getting touched at all, save for that ‘incredible’ offer.

And that’s what we want.

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  1. ….. that won't be happening….. end of. Good need the pool to stay together win the league and stop the Tim's getting nine.

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