Stevie G drops major hint about future – will fans be happy?

Stevie G drops major hint about future – will fans be happy?

Steven Gerrard today made a concession Rangers fans know is true, but it won’t have been particularly welcome in the pursuit of 55.

As fans are only too well aware, Stevie is a Liverpool man through and through. He’s admitted he has two teams now, Rangers and Liverpool, but if it came to a choice, clearly Anfield would win, and in an interview today, the manager admits despite how happy he is at Ibrox and what he’s achieving, if Liverpool came calling tomorrow, he’d almost certainly do a ‘Graeme Souness’ and depart immediately.

He said:

“I’m very flattered [by Klopp’s comments] because of who he is but there’s a lot of people who naturally think after Rangers – if Jurgen was to go in a year’s time or two years’ time – I’m next. I don’t. If I got offered it, it’s a completely different ball game. But sitting here right now I’m fine, I’m calm, I’m happy. If I’m at Rangers for another two, three, four years I’m okay.”

He is happy at Ibrox, we know this – the man is kind of working miracles in Govan, achieving next to impossible with a modest fraction of Celtic’s budget, but all fans know Liverpool is his calling.

Unfortunately, he admits if his dream job arose tomorrow, Rangers couldn’t compete and he’d be off before you could say ‘calm down’.

Thankfully, in the real world, it isn’t going to happen – Jurgen Klopp has built a titan of a Liverpool machine, and he’s going nowhere any time soon.

He’s created the best club side around, and he’s now regarded unequivocally as the best coach in the game – Liverpool will stick with him till he gets bored.

But it’s a little reminder to Rangers fans to truly appreciate Gerrard while we have him – while his managerial CV isn’t anywhere near the calibre of Klopp’s yet, he’s made a hell of a start, and we do have his signature till 2024.

Klopp’s is till the same date.

And Rangers fans would cherish four years of domestic dominance and European credibility with him for sure.

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