Stevie G appears to have fixed this huge problem at Ibrox

Stevie G appears to have fixed this huge problem at Ibrox

Today we’ve discussing forgotten men at Ibrox, and loans, and an issue we’ve lightly dipped into is just how much the Steven Gerrard era has fixed the problem of loans.

While his first season saw a crazy number of loans come in, loans who failed bar Ryan Kent, the second season has seen just two – Ojo and King. Jermain Defoe also arrived but he’s been a storming success and technically was last season.

Second in charge Gary McAllister was positive last season about the loan market and how Rangers have used it, and it did loosely serve its purpose we admit, but the crucial question on our lips is the players Rangers loan out.

In recent seasons Rangers have had upwards of 25+ players out on loan, varying from youth that wasn’t ready or good enough yet, to plain bad signings.

A lot of the latter was a blight – the Pedro era left us with Pena, Herrera, while Rossiter and Holt still persist of the Warby period.

Of course, Holt was good enough for the Championship, but nowhere near at it for the SPL, but when we look now at the loans out, while they still number too many, that just ONE of the loans out is a Steven Gerrard signing (Jake Hastie) is a testament to how much more efficient the new era has been for bringing in quality players.

Sure, there are some guys who are just plain out of favour, but only Matt Polster was signed during Stevie’s time.

As for King and Ojo – one absolute failure, one modest failure – neither will play a major part in Rangers going forward.

Defoe will, he will secure a full deal this summer and Rangers will move forward with him, but it really is the best example of how much better Rangers’ recruitment has got over the past 18 months+ that just one player signed since Gerrard took the reins is now out on loan.

Definitely an improvement.

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  1. Fans are sometimes too quick to knock our loan signings but don't forget it has also brought us Kent, Defoe and Davis. Three of the best players on our books (almost). It's also allowed us to get shot of duds like Pena, Herrera, Rossiter, and many others and let's us get some valuable experience for our younger players.

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