Stevie drops massive Morelos hint

Stevie drops massive Morelos hint

With speculation over Alfredo Morelos reaching comical fever pitch, Steven Gerrard has outlined his plan for the rest of the season by reiterating the Colombian is staying; via Jermain Defoe.

Defoe is about to sign a new contract, a permanent deal finally making him a Ranger officially, either as precontract or an immediate permanent, but it was what Stevie said about the 37-year striker’s role which made Alfredo Morelos’ position even clearer:

“Jermain is perfect to work with Alfredo.”

By securing Defoe for at least another 18 months (18-month deal now, or a season in the summer), it strongly suggests Rangers are working their tails off to keep Morelos, by keeping his mentor.

Defoe’s influence on Morelos has been superlative this season, and while we accept the Colombian has slipped a little the past month or two, the overall difference with last season has been stark.

And keeping Defoe as his ‘guidance’ is seen at Ibrox as critical to holding onto the Colombian beyond all the alleged bids coming in from various European giants.

It’s true they’re never a duo, and just don’t work well as a pair – Morelos is a one man up top striker, and doesn’t partner too well with foils, but Defoe is not about that – it’s the tutoring, the coaching, the guidance and the experience – you can’t buy that, and Morelos couldn’t be getting this from a better master.

No, this new deal for Defoe is as much about holding onto el-Bufalo as it is about retaining the Englishman.

And we’ve got no issue with that.

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