Steven Gerrard now has a massive massive problem

Steven Gerrard now has a massive massive problem

We’d made this point several times and been laughed at by the usual ‘Staunch Loyal’ types, the ones who won’t hear a word of criticism against a single Ranger, except the ones they don’t like…

But sadly with Ryan Jack’s injury, Rangers’ midfield options have suddenly gone into barebones department.

Rangers now have just three ‘marquee’ midfielders – Glen Kamara (been pretty poor this season), Steven Davis and Scott Arfield (still suffering a family bereavement so not in psychological tune yet).

We know Stevie would rather select his own grandmother than Greg Docherty, so we’re into perilous territory.

We complained some months ago that only four midfielders was nowhere near enough, and were scoffed at with the angry replies mocking such an ignorant and foolish idea, and now sadly we’re down to just three first-team midfielders (excluding Docherty) and find ourselves in a predicament where we desperately needed to enhance this squad in the January window.

In total, there are technically six – the three aforementioned, plus Docherty, Matt Polster and Andy Halliday.

Polster and Docherty are fine players, but Polster is now needed at RB in Tavernier’s absence.

Stevie just won’t use Docherty, so we’re left with Andy Halliday as squad depth for the middle, so we’re not quite sure what creek we’re up right now but it’s not ideal.

Indeed, Rangers’ thin squad is starting to creak and right now the worrying prediction we’ve been boringly harping on about is coming to pass.

This is one we didn’t want to be right about, but this window has four days left, today included, and if nothing is done 55 is seriously at risk.

Get a move on!

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  1. I'll probably get shot down in flames for this but I think the gaffer is doing his utmost with what's available. He's a winner and he'll want winners all over his squad. I can't believe he's happy with the squad, so those holding the purse strings need to explain themselves pronto. Because regardless of the previous year, right now, right this minute it doesn't look like the manager is being supported and given what he needs.

    • Quite, but he also said before the window even opened that at most only one would come in and recently added he was now happy with the squad and its size.

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