Steven Gerrard has just dodged a £20M bullet

Steven Gerrard has just dodged a £20M bullet

On the 4th of this month, a former Rangers target scored a goal. In itself, no big deal we’d agree, but the fact it was his first goal since joining Bournemouth in a ludicrous £20M deal in January last year suggests Steven Gerrard dodged the biggest bullet on planet earth when Dominic Solanke chose to go to the seaside town in the PL rather than Ibrox.

True, we couldn’t compete with those numbers, but nor would we have wanted to, and as much as Solanke was regarded as a rising talent at the time, few could have justified that kind of crazy money, or even half of it, on a player whose CV wasn’t even impressive. There was talk of a loan deal, and in truth, that may have worked better for the kid, but que sera.

And he’s played plenty for Eddie Howe’s side, he just couldn’t score. Literally.

No injuries, or at least, very few, and in 18 PL appearances, and a handful of cup appearances, his entire haul was, until Saturday, just one solitary assist.

This is not a hate fest, we’re sure the guy is a very decent young chap and we genuinely do wish him the best from here on in, but we’re really, really, really glad we’re not the ones paying the likely insane wages for one goal in a year.

At his age he should be a lucrative rising star of football, he’s a former England youth international and should be a fringe national player. Instead he won just one cap in 2017 and hasn’t been seen since.

Gerrard dodged a very expensive bullet here.

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