Steven Gerrard delivers transfer blow for Rangers fans

Steven Gerrard delivers transfer blow for Rangers fans

Steven Gerrard has revealed, rather than what he said in Dubai about bringing one player in, he now believes no one will arrive in Govan this window after all.

The Rangers manager was discussing the window in his pre-Stranraer presser, and while moves are ongoing to ship players out, it appears the earlier hopes while away in the training camp of bringing someone in have faded, and it’s about holding onto the players we need and trimming the ones we don’t.

He said:

“Unless something big happened to one of the players then I don’t predict anyone to come in.”

It’s certainly a little disappointing to say the least – Rangers are a touch short in attack, and in defence (more on that later), and also lack a definitive attacking midfielder, but then we’ve got this far with the squad we have, so perhaps it’s not the end of the world.

That said, Gerrard tends to be clever with the truth, and by giving mixed messages about intentions from one week to the next, conceals his hand either way.

Maybe someone will still come in, we’ll see.

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  1. Instead off spending money on players that I don't think we need we have a top academy with amazing young players itching for a chance they deserve a shot at the first team time to start using these players

  2. Gerrard announced Fhilip, Greg Stewart, Tav, Glen Middleton are all carrying injuries. This is where we will struggle when further injuries and suspension happen in the coming months. It's all well slimming the squad down, but Gerrard may regret that when some of our players become injured and suspended.
    The second half of the season is dog eat dog. The lesser teams will get nastier as they fight for every single point to survive. The referees won't protect us, but will ensure our players get all the yellow and red cards.
    We could do with another quality striker and attacking midfielder. I just would not let Docherty go either! But that's going to happen.

  3. Bear was quite right we have plenty of academy boys who can play if required there are several who are ready to play for the first team

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