Saturday, 18 January 2020

Shock u-turn could help swing 55 in Rangers' favour

Last night’s rather underwhelming demo from the fringe men has worried a number of fans, and as we said earlier, a possible solution comes as bringing in some quality between now and the end of January.

But is there an easier way?

We have on our books a fine attacking midfielder, and a fine winger – while not quite Messi and Ronaldo, Greg Docherty and Jamie Murphy could see reprieves and given second chances to be a bigger part of Rangers now that the limited quality of the fringe men has been massively exposed.

We would much rather put Docherty on than Barker, much rather Murphy got a chance over Ojo – we want decent quality players, who happen in this case to be Rangers men, to be the deputies that come in in the event of injury or suspension, and there’s no doubt both of these players are good enough at least for bread and butter SPL matches.

With a limited period till January’s window closes, opportunities are likely to be scarce, although we are hoping the hierarchy are working on deals regardless.

But Docherty and Murphy could, and frankly, should get a stay of execution and a chance to be a bigger part of the match day squad.

Especially now we evidently need someone a lot better than Brandon Barker.

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