Sunday, 19 January 2020

SFA farce again as compliance officer seethes over Rangers

Article by: Derek

As you are all well aware, SFA compliance officer Clare Whyte is still seething that she could not get Morelos a three thousand match ban, because her friend Kevin Clancy, acted in haste and gave Morelos a third Yellow Card.

They really do have to get their act together.

In order to help their beloved Celtic, the SFA waited until the day before Rangers played in the Scottish Cup fourth round to state they are still 'kind of' charging Morelos and Kent, by grouping them under the actions of Rangers Football Club.

I thought the rule was you only get penalized once? Nope, not according to Clare Whyte and team.

In her view, every single trick needs to be brought against Rangers to give her team the nine in a row, and with her previous history, there is a very good chance that she is going to ramp up the actions against Rangers as the season progresses.

At this time of year, our opponents are all going to start playing more aggressively, and we are going to see certain referees become more biased, as they try to throw Celtic a lifeline. It’s what it is, we’ve seen it before, and we will just have to keep the standards high, and give them absolutely nothing to smack us over the head with.

Being honest, no-one thinks Morelos would have been given the same kind, understanding press that Ryan Christie got for thumping Morelos in the dangly bits, and it is also no surprise that Morelos’ prior agent, Michael Gorman, came out this week to say The campaign against Morelos in the Scottish press is one of the most bizarre situations I have seen in sports.

Indeed, the Christie press appeared 'matter-of-fact' while Morelos was slated and smeared. As usual.

Scottish football is scared of and hates the Colombian - and long may he score enough goals to keep that situation going.

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