Rangers need to repeat past miracle inside 11 days

Rangers need to repeat past miracle inside 11 days

Earlier we discussed winter 2018/2019 and the transfer window Rangers had, and frankly how magnificent it was. 3 of 5 signings were roaring successes and frankly majorly made the difference both the rest of that season and the current one.

We’re now 20th January 2020 and we have to say, there’s a stark contrast this season with the winter window, in the sense that no one appears to be on the horizon at all, and we’re off the back of a poor performance v Stranraer which at least suggests the squad overall needs improved.

And yet, last winter’s window gave us 3 absolute first-teamers, include two, maybe even 3 starters.

That, as we suggested, was what made the difference in the split last year, but this time around Rangers either don’t think we need anyone or are unable to secure anyone.

We don’t want signings for the sake of it, don’t get us wrong, they have to enhance the team – but our point is last winter’s did exactly that. It was a stunning window which has helped to shape how good this club is now.

And we should never rest on any laurels thinking we’re good enough – we always have to keep improving.

But incoming, as stated by the manager, is set to be extremely quiet – and we can’t help being a little concerned.

All we’ve done this window is ditched two mistakes – Grezda and King. Apart from a youth signing or two, nothing has come in.

And while everyone stays fit and in form, of course this isn’t a problem, but they’re only human and some of them will dip.

What we’re saying is we desperately need a signing or two in the next 11 days, and we really hope they’re half as good as last winter’s was.

It could be the difference.

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  1. I think the Stranraer game highlighted how crap we are without our first team players. The fringe/back up players are just not good enough and once the suspensions and injuries kick in, we will struggle!! The tims are carrying a huge run of luck at the moment as well as having the SFA and referees in their back pocket. I don't forsee them dropping many points.
    We need to raise a level still if we are to win this league. But the Stranraer game gave me the fear should anything happen to our first picks!! We need better quality back up players.

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