Rangers’ media whitewash of recent developments tells you everything

Rangers’ media whitewash of recent developments tells you everything

As most fans will know, on-loan midfielder Andy King has now been sent back to the King Power, as the worst-kept secret on planet football was confirmed when the Welshman’s loan at Ibrox was terminated.

However, in a likely nod to it being a Mark Allen signing and unwanted, Rangers made no official acknowledgment of the 31-year old’s departure at all, with the story only breaking through media outlets and not the official channels.

Rangers, of course, are currently in Dubai for the traditional warm-weather winter close-season escape, and King would never have been on the trip in the first place, but Rangers’ total whitewash of his departure says everything about the nature of his arrival in the first place.

This was never a Gerrard signing, and the manager indeed confirmed that he basically didn’t want the player in the first place, but for some reason Mark Allen felt moved to add King as a loan anyway.

Stevie was polite about it, and suggested the form of Jack, Kamara and Davis kept King out, but given he hardly even got on the bench, this was clearly just lip service.

No, King is gone, we are glad to have his salary off the bill, and we wish him good luck in the future.

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