Rangers make big decision on 21-year old

Rangers make big decision on 21-year old

We have to admit further confusion over the January window after Steven Gerrard today confirmed Robby McCrorie’s loan at Queen of the South is to be terminated and the stopper recalled and shipped out instead to Livingston.

Readers might say there’s nothing wrong with that at all, and he’s just trying to get him higher standard football in the SPL, and on the surface we’d agree, especially given that’s what he said himself, but at the same time it’s exactly the same as what happened with Ryan Hardie (and with the same club) and it did him no good at all with regards his Rangers prospects.

We can’t help wondering frankly what the strategy this January is.

Gerrard said, and we quote:

“There is also something bubbling away with young Robby McCrorie. There’s an opportunity for him to play in the Premiership. It’s a situation where we don’t really want to do what we have to do but we have to do it for the sake of the boy. It will be brilliant for his development to play in the Premiership. We really respect the job Queens have done and it’s not something we wanted to do by taking a ‘keeper off someone. But when the kids gets the opportunity to play a league above, to better himself and the chance to play in the Premiership then it gives him a better chance of coming back here and playing for Rangers. I rate him very highly. If Robby keeps developing at the speed he is then I’ve got no doubt he can come back here and effect the two main positions here for the goalkeeping position.”

This is quite a stark statement – and it puts on Stevie’s public record the fact he rates the player extremely highly.

Obviously we understand no goalie will get close to Allan McGregor right now, but this wouldn’t be the first Rangers goalie to go out to Livi on loan either. Liam Kelly, many fans’ pick as the ultimate successor to Greegsy, ended up dumped completely out to QPR.

We’re just a little unclear on why Kelly wasn’t good enough but McCrorie is – McCrorie, incidentally, who has never made a single first-team appearance for Rangers while his brother has, and he ended up axed out to Portsmouth as well.

Why Hardie was highly praised, given to Livi for the same reason as McCrorie, then ditched anyway.

Consider us a little baffled.

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  1. Letting him go and continue his development at a higher level than current, makes complete sense. What happened with other players is of no relevance to Robby McCrorie, he will stand or fall based on his own abilities.

  2. You answered your own question. If he plays in the first team he will play and learn at a higher level including bigger and fuller stadiums. Complete sense…….if he plays!!!

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