Rangers fans given huge Morelos transfer boost

Rangers fans given huge Morelos transfer boost

Steve Bruce has confirmed an end in Newcastle’s pursuit of Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos by revealing he’s moved onto RB Leipzig’s Ademola Lookman.

Newcastle had been long-linked with the Colombian forward, but after Rangers’ outright rejection earlier this week during a formal enquiry by Newcastle bosses, Bruce has conceded defeat on any acquisition of the ex-HJK striker and has moved on instead to English striker Lookman who would cost far less but has none of the CV of Morelos.

It comes as a welcome sign for Rangers fans that the club’s stubbornness is starting to pay off, and unless someone comes in with silly money for the star striker, it appears pretty much any overtures in Morelos’ direction will be categorically rebuffed.

Lookman or Morelos. We know who we’d rather have…

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  1. By the end of last season and because of his antics i wanted Morelos gone for any price, i have to admit. I thought he was a hopeless case. I was wrong. I hope he stays and does well and i will even ignore his little mistakes recently and I'm sure Gerrard will use his Magic on him and Morelos will come back even stronger.

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