Rangers fans are outraged at SFA latest

Rangers fans are outraged at SFA latest

We ran a story earlier tonight about how the SFA’s ban of Ryan Christie suggested a bit of a shift in fairness towards Rangers, and how there might be some more even-handedness at Hampden now.

The majority responses were that it was a farce, that the ban was upon an injured player and was therefore meaningless.

And it’s easy to be sucked into that kind of paranoia, and become what we used to accuse Celtic fans of being – paranoid, period.

Because if the SFA hadn’t banned Christie, the reaction would have been derision from some fans suggesting they’re so pro-Celtic they won’t even ban an injured player.

Now the ban is regarded as meaningless because he’s possibly not available anyway for some if not all of the matches he’s banned for.

This all utterly misses the point – they did NOT have to cite him in the first place!

Why would a pro-Celtic SFA even care if they were accused of bias? They haven’t the past 7 years, nothing had changed despite all the protests. Why would they care now?

And the moment they actually take action out on a Celtic player, bordering on unnecessary action for an incident which didn’t even merit it in our opinion, it’s seen instead as a farce because he’s injured.

We are by no means fans of the SFA, they’re ludicrous, incompetent and not fit for purpose.

But this is a case in which they really were damned if they did, damned if they didn’t, and damned anyway.

Rangers and our fans are regarded as dignified and fair – let’s try to keep it that way.

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  1. I do believe there is a bit of a token gesture in this suspension due to his injury. But more worryingly I believe they could be laying the path to suspending Morelos for his "throat" gesture. Some time has passed so I may be wrong. Hope so.

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