Rangers announcement shows continued and clear strategy…

Rangers announcement shows continued and clear strategy…

Rangers’ confirmation today of Jermain Defoe’s pre-contract for a further year come summer continues the trend of the club’s best performers being rewarded for their displays with a better contract or permanent deal.

Steven Davis of course benefited from this last summer with a stunning split which saw him secure a further year permanently as well, and now Rangers are guaranteed (Bournemouth temporary recall notwithstanding) 18 further months of the ex-Spurs striker’s services.

He now becomes a permanent ‘stormtrooper’, signed as he was in part to represent Stevie in the squad – bear in mind the two men are barely a year apart in age, and Jermain Defoe is the best way for Steven Gerrard to be on the pitch with his men, in light of their respective experience.

Defoe joins McGregor, Katic, Morelos, Jack and Davis to have recently been given new deals, and joins Arfield, Davis and McGregor as one of Rangers’ four main ‘honchos’ – the leaders on the pitch with experience and guidance who, in all areas of the arena can captain the rest.

Some would add Jack to this, and that’s fair enough, and as second vice it’s merited.

But we have to look at the main core group of Rangers players with a smile now. To secure Defoe does suggest real vision, a player who has won over fans and management alike, with consummate ease it must be said, and it’s nice that he’s no longer to be a loan player.

Technically he remains Bournemouth’s player, for now, but this summer he’s officially ours and it’s a good start to the next window.

Nice one.

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  1. Name any better 2nd choice striker in Britain he's nothing but class goals scored what he brings to the squad and everything he does off the field we are lucky to have him still plenty in elp would take him

  2. I agree with all of that, except foe Arfield. He's getting less impressive, by the game, for me. Really happy for Jermain. You get the ball to his feet and more often than not, he buries it, in the back of the net. I hope he does stay on. For me, he could have Murty's job, when he finally hangs up his boots.

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