Parkhead meltdown following Rangers accusations

Parkhead meltdown following Rangers accusations

Following Sunday’s sectarianism and alleged racism against Alfredo Morelos, before Monday’s SFA citation upon Ryan Christie, Celtic have decided to ‘get their own back’ by claiming Rangers fans ‘did the same bloody thing’ in order to deflect attention away from their own fans.

In yet another wonderful example of sweeping and head in sand syndrome, Celtic, instead of taking responsibility for their own fans’ poor behaviour, have decided to point the finger at 850 Rangers fans and say ‘but they did it too’.

It’s interesting really – despite video evidence proving their fans’ guilty, Celtic refuse to condemn the behaviour only saying they’ve received no complaints or reports – and then once Christie got hauled they felt the only way forward to was to say 850 Rangers fans bullied the 59,000 home supporters instead.

We like this. We like the fact Celtic continue to blame everyone else for everything that happens, never say sorry or take responsibility for anything, and claim that the Big Bad Ranjurs are the baddies here and they’re innocent.

Brand new year. Same old Celtic.

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  1. They'll never change. Even with photographic and video evidence, they STILL deny it. They, are TRULY Scotland's shame. That little rat Christie, is no 'altar boy, that's for sure. Dirty little…

  2. Nothing new from the Lynx brigade stinking to the core,
    They always try n turn it around fannies
    Theve been caught right out this time and held to account cheating bastards,They all know now there being watched after the 3 affside cup fiasco and clansys celtic they know theyve been found out fannies

  3. Spot on – 850 Rangers fans bullied 59,000 timid tims. Pathetic. They are in full tail spin – get Morelos banned for threatening to decapitate the entire Main stand, deflect on groin grabber Christie and 'rush' him to hospital (for a groin op lol) and howl as SG slaps NL's hand and head-butts a tv camera. Nothing less than a War Crimes tribunal at The Hague can possibly resolve this.
    Imagine the fun when we win the league.

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