Loyalty isn’t rewarded by Steven Gerrard?

Loyalty isn’t rewarded by Steven Gerrard?

This is a slightly accompanying article to the earlier one about Polster and Patterson, and it highlights further an issue we’ve discussed lightly on the site without ever going into it in full details:

Being dropped no matter how well you play.

The quintessential example of this is Niko Katic – regularly being dropped after some superb displays, in favour of last season Joe Worrall, and this Filip Helander.

Obviously the Croat is ok with this, we think, because he signed a new five-year deal – but then equally that’s a LOT of job security and who would turn that down anyway?

But the general rule under Steven Gerrard is that some players play under one rule, and the rest under a different one.

No matter, for example, how badly James Tavernier might ever play, he is never dropped – same with Goldson and Jack. Some players, whatever the fan opinion of their virtues might be, are immune to losing their place as a result of bad form.

Whereas a Matt Polster, a Nathan Patterson or anyone else comes in, deputises, and plays arguably better than the man they’re replacing, and just loses their place back anyway.

In short, no matter how well you do, you lose your place.

It’s not good for morale, and it’s hardly fair – and when we consider how rotten Flanagan was v St Mirren yet held his place ahead of both Polster and Patterson, we start to recognise how dangerous this favouritism Stevie gang culture actually could end up being.

We’ve whined about Greg Docherty enough on the site, so no point going there again, but he’s one victim, along with Jordan Jones.

Jones had a terrible match v Stranraer, and immediately lost his place again. Flanagan had a worse one v St Mirren but kept his.

How inspirational must it be to get the call to deputise, knowing no matter how well you do, if you’re not on ‘the list’ then you’ll be back on the fringe the next match?

We don’t understand why Gerrard is so loyal to some players and so against giving good performers an extended run if they earn one.

It doesn’t help anything.

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  1. No matter what kind of game some player play they will always be selected for the next game if these players had played under Symond,Waddell or Wallace they would be walking down Copeland Road with P45, Gerrard keeps playing Kamara who to me is a waste of space and Jack is not far behind him keep getting selected WHY YOUNG Docherty never got a fare crack of the whip and is a for better prospect as for Travernier and Goldson I would not give them house room..

  2. Kamara, David Edgar is right about him. He just stops. There is just something wrong within our team. I don't know if it's a bad seed, laziness or lack of fitness. But it needs fixing, toot-suite!

  3. dont just drop kamara aribo and ojo get rid of them none are mentally strong or good enough for rangers I've said before 50k for kamara and that's what we got yesterday as for aribo he doesn't seem to get it ..it's not Charlton now it's ibrox and like ojo the club is far to big for theses guys..docherty and Ross mccorrie both better players but thrown out by Gerrard for his mates like last season the horrendous ejaria and that dud coullibally …we won't win anything with bottlers like this just like the cup final let all the fans down once again when it matters ..why win at parkhead then lose at hearts its an abosolute disgrace …axe these 3 asap they are imposters

  4. Could you not add defoe to this he is a luxury player, who will score when we are dominant. But when teams press like hearts did, he is found out. Too slow, legs gone.

  5. Look Gerard is a rookie manager,and as we are all great in hindsight perhaps he should have seen the failure in some of these players.it is now to late to bring additions in so the gers just have to buckle up and get on with it .we know it is not a level playing field financially unless they can conjure up a wealthy backer

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