Latest Rangers farce at SFA leaves Hampden in meltdown

Latest Rangers farce at SFA leaves Hampden in meltdown

There has been further farce at the SFA after it emerged Alfredo Morelos was booked for a third time at Parkhead following his sending off.

As we know there has been a question of whether the Columbian will be cited for an alleged offensive gesture, something which now seems to be moot such is the time elapsed.

But inexplicably Morelos was shown a third yellow in farcical scenes once he’d already been sent off.

We are just off the back of praising (sort of) the SFA for improved impartiality in recent times, but this kind of comical incompetence of chocolate fireguard proportions really sums up, in only the latest episode, how astonishingly poor they are and how staggeringly unfit for purpose.

Ian Maxwell has been at the helm for quite a while now, where Clare Whyte has been in the Compliance position for some period as well, and once again we see another ridiculous decision in the annals of the SFA.

Booking a player who has already been sent off?

We can almost see the referee running to the tunnel as Morelos trots off and furiously showing him a yellow card, foaming at the mouth.

It’s just preposterous, again, from our governing body, and the rules it compiles.

Whether anything will come of the latest nonsense we don’t yet know, but this is Scotland, the most backwards forwards nation there is, so don’t be surprised.

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  1. Heed the Baws !! The fkin lot of them , think collectively they must have been doing too much of it before they were 12

  2. I suspect the most surprised person to hear of the third booking for Morelos was referee Clancy. That must've been a shocker when he heard it on the news yesterday. Bloody incompetence.

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