Is Rangers man guilty of ‘taking the money’?

Is Rangers man guilty of ‘taking the money’?

Regulars to Ibrox Noise over the years will know we were miles away from being fans of Wes Foderingham.

Not his fault, but he was so far off being good enough it almost hurt, and to see some fans defend him as if he was (and believe us, we got plenty of opposition from fans who thought he was good enough for SPL Rangers) saddened us – thankfully every one of them piped down once a real Rangers goalie arrived and it’s been a non-issue since.

But we must admit we’re a little disappointed in the character of the man, at the moment.

Without meaning this as a smear job, well over 18 months Wes Foderingham has been deputy to Allan McGregor, and with us now in the fourth window since McGregor signed, Wes has shown no ambition to do anything like Jak Alnwick or Robby McCrorie and get himself playing time.

He knows he is 100% deputy to McGregor, only coming in when the number one is having a rare rest or is unfortunately suspended, and yet despite his cocky comments about still considering himself club number one in autumn 2018 after having well and truly lost his place, the only inclination he’s shown is to sit on our bench and pick up a wage.

In a way, we don’t completely blame him – he signed a cushy four-year deal in 2016 on promotion and who wants to lose money?

But there’s something a bit base about Alnwick going out to League One, McCrorie going wherever and Hogarth doing likewise but Wes appearing to think he’s too good for that and just sitting on the sidelines.

Of course, we need a deputy, we get that – but to go from first team first choice to deputy and just accept it is to us a bit weak.

Jak Alnwick was never the first choice, and he fit well as a deputy, but he wasn’t happy with that so went out on two loans.

Wes would rather take the money?

Is that good, bad, neither, or just a reflection of the world we live in?

Who knows.

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  1. Wes did a good job for us and we can't forget that but lost a lot of respect for him in that you are right here IN, he's content to show no ambition or desire to actually play regular first team football somewhere/anywhere so he can take the wages from our club sitting on the bench running his contract down meaning we get no fee!! Sickens me!! Footballers have a short career, I get they have to make as much as they can during it(and achieve during it) but not like he wouldn't be earning elsewhere, not as much but he'd be playing and earning it and showing he's worth more or attracting other teams by performing!! Imagine looking back on your career or having nothing to tell the grandkids or anything to be proud of!! I'd have him spend remainder of his contract working and training with the youth's, atleast he'd be giving something back as they would learn from him as he is a decent keeper!!

    Get Neuer or Buffon as experienced back-up for shagger lol

  2. Really? He is the number 2 keeper at ibrox, the more junior keepers have been sent on loan to get experience, even ross mcrorie isnt there. If mcgregor gets injured (or equally likely red carded) then who is there to keep goal? Mind Klos sat on the bench on 50k per week for about 3 years after mcgregor came to the fore? Mcgregor got injured then Der Goalie came back to make some great saves. Fod is a solid back up, he suffered when playing behind the worst rangers defence in decades, and he has every right to end his contract while doing his job for us, then going somewhere he will be played. Good luck to him. A similar replacement is going to cost a lot of money unless McRorie is ready to step up.

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