Greg Docherty stunner – could this shocker be true?

Greg Docherty stunner – could this shocker be true?

If there’s been one bewildering consistent about Steven Gerrard since he arrived at Ibrox, it’s been his constant and absolutely stubborn dismissal of fan-favourite Greg Docherty.

Young Doc has become borderline Toni Kroos the less he plays, such is the level a player mystically gets to from their absence from the front lines – but there’s no doubt the ex-Hamilton lad has not had a fair crack of the whip.

Gerrard indeed has spoken only in utterly glowing terms about his qualities, professionalism and training application, and failed to give a reason why he just won’t select him.

But one of our readers spotted something a few days ago which could well shed new light on a completely logical reason Docherty has been cast out:

Steven Gerrard was confirmed manager May 2018. Something else happened just one month earlier which changed things for a number of players, including Lee Wallace and Kenny Miller.

The other player seen involved in things that afternoon at Hampden was one Greg Docherty – a pitch side bust up with Alfredo Morelos, whose career at Ibrox has gone from strength to strength while Docherty’s disappeared from that moment onwards.

That’s right: Greg Docherty has only started two senior competitive Rangers matches since April 15th 2018 – St Joseph’s and East Fife.

It’s only a theory, but we now don’t think Docherty’s exile from the club has anything to do with Steven Gerrard, but is again another board decision – Docherty has pretty much vanished just like Lee Wallace did, just like Miller did.

That day in Mount Florida has a lot to answer for, and we are seriously beginning to think it cost Greg Docherty his Rangers career.

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