Greg Docherty must not join Sunderland

Greg Docherty must not join Sunderland

Jamie Murphy and Greg Docherty are putting the final touches to loan moves out, with Burton Albion for the former, and a choice between Millwall, Charlton and Sunderland for the latter.

But what does this now mean for the duo’s Rangers prospects?

Neither are youth players, with Docherty approaching the prime of his career, while Murphy still has plenty left in the tank.

But it’s been evident the past 18 months in Docherty’s case and present campaign in Murphy’s that neither player is of interest to this manager (any more).

No one would dispute this decision on a results basis – December was stunning at Ibrox and the club went to new heights. If Steven Gerrard said the sky was yellow, no one would doubt him these days.

But it doesn’t stop us wondering what a fine player like Docherty does now – just a loan to an English side again, and we wonder why not a sale. Docherty’s only route back to Ibrox and getting a chance, is having a stellar season at a higher level than League One – which is why we feel a move to the Stadium of Light would be utterly pointless for him.

It would be a likely 6 month loan, and a further half year at that level won’t teach him anything.

Which is why we feel Charlton or Millwall, or indeed any other Championship side, is the only playce Docherty should go to actually improve and develop.

If he can do it at that level, there is no argument against him being good enough for Rangers at SPL level at least. At least, not one Stevie can make.

At which point the mid would have done all he could and must concede defeat to the manager’s personal taste.

We wish him luck, whatever he chooses, and we regret it not working out for him at Ibrox so far.

He just wanted to play for his team, but it was not to be.

Not yet anyway.

We’ll look at Murphy later.

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  1. Totally agree. He has a better chance of getting back in SG's plans IF he is successful in the championship. And I'm sure he would be giving the opportunity

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