Ex-Rangers man value hikes to £25M?

Ex-Rangers man value hikes to £25M?

In an amusing ditty, Ibrox Noise was surprised, while not surprised at all, to see Rangers’ loan failure Joe Worrall being linked with big-money moves to the Premier League in England after impressing at the City Ground for his boyhood team at Forest.

Surprised? Because this was one of the most unpopular defenders Rangers have had, and some of the gaffes he made were absolutely ridiculous. We’d say he actually manages to be less popular than Connor Goldson is these days.

Not surprised? Because, like Goldson, Worrall has it in him to really perform. Rangers’ titanic 1-0 win over Celtic in 2018 at Ibrox was in major part due to a colossal display from him, where nothing got past and he showed up as the defender he could be.

But, ultimately, he only showed up for certain matches, usually the big ones, and his heart was never at Ibrox – and that was pretty obvious. He made it very clear, a bit too clear, that Forest was where he wanted to be, and while he did once veer off-script and allude to maybe staying at Ibrox longer, overall his ambition was down south.

And now we see his performances, clearly buoyed by being where he wants to be, reflect the defender we only saw occasionally.

And that has led to valuations varying between £10M-£25M for the 23-year old.

It was never meant to be for Worrall at Ibrox, and we’re quite happy with Niko Katic.

But it does show what a good defender at Championship or SPL level is worth now.

Ask Van Dijk…

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  1. Let's remember this when clubs come calling for our players. Had he been available for a free last season I doubt if many fans would've taken him.

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