Could Alfredo Morelos really move south to Spurs?

Could Alfredo Morelos really move south to Spurs?

Yesterday we discussed the claimed interest from Tottenham Hotspur in Alfredo Morelos, with silly season ramping up to DEFCON 12.

But while we did attribute the story to lazy journalism, the injury to talisman Harry Kane has put the cat among the pigeons. So, is there any real chance Rangers’ Colombian megastar could be a target for Jose Mourinho?

8th place Spurs are in a complete mess. A midtable club this season, their glory days of Mauricio Pochettino seem a long time gone, and the Argentinian ruined his legacy and the team’s chances on the eve of the final when he foolishly said he’d leave if they won.

Don’t get us wrong, we are NOT fans of Spurs around here, far from it, but they were a pretty great side under him and he blew it.

Results went south, consistency deserted them, and they ended up ‘there’. AKA ‘that’ place. Otherwise known these days as having to employ the biggest mercenary in football to try to get them back to glory.

Hasn’t worked, of course, and in losing their best player their chances have been totally crocked.

So would Mourinho want Morelos?

Let’s not kid ourselves on, Alfredo Morelos is literally the talking point in England of Scottish football. They don’t discuss the Old Firm that much outside of it happening, and the lack of individual chat about Rangers and Celtic aside fans of both clubs down south is a bit of an ego dunt. But they DO talk about Morelos.

He’s the ‘thing’ in Scotland, the star, and he’s the one player who gets attention in English tabloids.

So, with the focus on him, his exploits this season, and Spurs’ vacancy for a top class striker, yes, it’s not impossible that Morelos would be a target.

Truth is he’s good enough for Spurs – having done it v Feyenoord, YB, Porto, and a host of European sides, he’s shown he can score against teams of the standard in the PL.

The Celtic issue is a mental block, and applies only to them in the Old Firm fixture. Against them for a different side he’d have no issues.

But he’s clearly good enough, that is not in doubt.

So, theoretically, yes, he could well make that switch with aplomb.

Whether he’d want to join a failing Spurs is another matter though.

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