Borna Barisic revelation might not be as surprising as it sounds

Borna Barisic revelation might not be as surprising as it sounds

Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has claimed star player Borna Barisic was on their list of targets before Rangers even travelled to Croatia to face his former side Osijek, in a curious comment we’re not absolutely sure we entirely buy!

In an intriguing admission, the manager claimed the 27-year old LB was one they were monitoring even before we faced him and his bandage in last season’s UEL, which is either an exaggeration of the truth or an astonishing piece of psychic scouting.

He said:

“We bought Barisic for a reason – because we felt we could get him to the place where he is now because of what we’d seen. It wasn’t just the two Osijek games against Rangers, we’d watched him for quite a while and we watched a lot of games around that time.”

In fairness, Rangers’ scouting network is far far better than it used be. AKA we actually have one now. And so while it’s certainly not impossible that Rangers were looking at Barisic, it’s still quite surprising.

In Gerrard’s defence, Rangers had already secured Croat Niko Katic, so clearly the Croat league, as we definitely know, is one Rangers use regularly to scout for talent, so maybe this isn’t as ‘psychic’ as it sounds and we’re being unfair!

Either way, what a signing the lad is turning into.

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  1. I don't think it's entirely surprising that Rangers would scout leagues like Croatia and pay particular attention to guys on the threshold of the national team. It that's what they've done then hats off to them and let's find some more gems.

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