Are Rangers making the right call over transfer saga?

Are Rangers making the right call over transfer saga?

We alluded to this earlier – young starlet Leon King rejected a deal last year and now Man City are hovering around the 15-year old defender, who certainly has the world at his feet.

Rangers have already made a contingency plan in securing Motherwell’s Kyle Semple, but it is obviously disappointing to potentially lose one of the stars of the Hummel Training Centre.

Should Rangers pay more to hold onto him?

This is a 15-year old, a child, and it would be absurd to pay through the nose to keep such a player, but then when we look at the talent of Billy Gilmour and his growing prominence for Frank Lampard’s Chelsea we were unable to hold onto that one and have no desire to repeat it.

Of course, tit for tat – Rangers nicked Nathan Young-Coombes from Stamford Bridge in much the same way, and have ended up with an exceptional young talent who will probably be a Rangers star of the future.

So all is fair in love and football, but we do hope we make the right call over King, whatever it is.

If he is worth the extra pounds, then despite his age, maybe it’s worth paying the arm and leg for him.

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  1. I doubt that money is the dominating factor in whether these kids stay at clubs or move on. I'm sure that it's the package that a club presents which shows how they will develop the player and give them the best opportunity to reach there potential that makes them decide.

  2. We can't just be nurturing youngsters for big teams from down south, to plunder at will. Where's the sense in that?

  3. I really hope that after this season is over , the league is won and the 10 in a row monkey is off our back, that some of these Kids start to filter through to to first team football ,they all seem to do well at European level so get them in , let them make the odd mistake and we could have a few 6 or 7 million pound players of our own

  4. Spot on. We need to show these kids that there's a path to the first team and at the moment we're not doing that. We also need to give them a picture of what a future with Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City etc. looks like. Years of under age football and countless loans.

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