Are Inter really about to bid for Alfredo Morelos?


Well once again our friends at the ‘dubious source’ have come up with a big splash story, and this week we find out just reliable they truly are:

Will Internazionale make a formal attempt to sign Alfredo Morelos?

If they do, we will hold our hands up in defeat at admitting the source got it bang on, and if we hear nothing over the course of the week, it categorically nails in how utterly full of it they are.

Everyone knows their name, I’m not giving oxygen to their claims by putting that name out there more – readers of Ibrox Noise know we never attribute any fictional stories to be any more than sourced claims rather than categorical facts, but we also admit when we get it wrong.

As they have a trillion times.

So, we await this week with interest – will a bid from Serie A appear for our star man?

We wait and see!