Analysis: Rangers didn’t just lose on goals yesterday….

Analysis: Rangers didn’t just lose on goals yesterday….

Article by: Derek

Last night I took some time to look back at the Hibs match, just before the break. It was a sobering experience.

Hearts didn’t win yesterday because they wanted it more. They won yesterday, because the Rangers team thought it was another day at the office.

All they had to do was turn up, play at a jog, and the Hearts team would just drop back in awe.

Well they didn’t, but the secret is Hearts didn’t play great football either.

They grouped around our team, like a bunch of primary kids chasing a chocolate bar, and made it difficult to play short passes.

This is very easy to get around, but only if you put some work into it.

A long pass into space, and get your runners to cause havoc in the gaps, but that doesn’t work, when everyone is jogging slowly around.

The last few matches have all been the same. No passion. No burst of speed. No chasing down the players who don’t have the ball, and no running the huge gaps that Hearts made, when they overloaded the midfield.

Some might say the players needed this to give them a kick up the backside, but I don’t agree. Gerrard needed this to give him a kick up the backside. I said it before. He’s the manager now. He’s not the team captain.

Just sometimes you have to pick the players who get the team playing at speed, even if they are not as technically gifted. Kent is one of those players who can get others running, Docherty is another workhorse, and so is Andy Halliday.

However, Kent needs others to run as well, to distract defenders and midfielders, to help give him space. No-one did that yesterday.

Just now, the team talk about how proud they are to play at this club, and the pressure they are under to always win, but all that is talk.

If they are proud to play, and they truly want to become champions, then they have to start doing the hard work.

Otherwise all their talent and all their tactical skill will only get them second place, and Rangers never should settle for being second.

We have the better team, we just don’t have players who want to work

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  1. Too Many Players Phoning It In ,Players Not Getting Their Place On Meritocracy ,Blind Allegiance To The Mediocre,

  2. Things I noticed, Aribo and Kent try to switch feet, before the final shot. Aribo was responsible for the second goal, due to laziness. He runs up to the goal and doesn't even look up before he shoots. Kamara needs benched. They under-estimated hearts. It cost us. Now they have jeopardised our league chances, a second time. SG needs to be giving them the hairdryer treatment. Mediocre and lazy. Whilst Naismith and Boyce, pressed us hard. For a change, Goldson was not to blame for anything.

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