Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Christie – there’s a problem here

Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Christie – there’s a problem here

We’re seeing a lot of commentary of ‘hypocrisy’ over Ryan Christie and the treatment and ban he’s been given compared to Alfredo Morelos, and the potential suspension he’s going to get.

Unfortunately the issue we have is this is glass houses all over the place and Morelos has, sadly, in recent fixtures, let himself down a few times.

This season, el-bufalo’s disciple has been remarkably good in light of all sorts of incendiary provocation, and the 23-year old has done magnificently to avoid rising to the bait.

But unfortunately he’s been unable to sustain it, and he’s seen red twice lately. Which, let’s not forget, is the real crime here.

So much has been made of the dumb throat gesture, and while it, in our culture, was utterly misguided, what he was sent off for has been utterly forgotten – and that was a blatant attempt at cheating, just like his foolish ‘up yours’ gesture was stupid at Fir Park.

We’re not condoning the treatment he gets – frankly he’s targeted probably more than anyone in Scottish football and you’d be a biased fool not to think that. This guy is box office in Scotland and even in England, and we know fine well he’s used all the time for abuse – we’ve seen it happen, in the street, and we all know it’s beyond the pale.

Celtic fans (like Rangers fans) cannot keep football for the stadiums and pubs, and it spills onto the streets where they happily abuse honest players just trying to go about their daily lives away from the game.

But this doesn’t alter that Morelos got two valid yellow cards, and was rightly sent off.

Of course, the citation does seem to be for the gesture, but while Rangers tried to excuse this as acceptable in South America, it isn’t here, and you conform to the culture and laws of the nation you’re in, not the one you came from. Morelos has been in the UK long enough to know some of our mannerisms, and even if not, ignorance is never an excuse.

No one ever got excused in a court of law because their actions were acceptable and legal in their home country. That’s just how the world works.

So, yes, we have unfortunately seen a reverting by Morelos back to his old ways recently, and as much as we love him now and the player he’s become, this is a path we do not want to see again.

We need him, on the pitch and in our shirt, not in the stands looking (especially) grumpy.

Let’s not undo all the magnificent work of the first half of the season and spoil it by going back to the bad old days.

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