A wake up call for Steven Gerrard

A wake up call for Steven Gerrard

It’s hard to know where to begin with the wreckage of that performance, of that nightmare result.

First off, we applaud Hearts – they showed up, they wanted it, and they played really, really well to deserve the win. They did everything Rangers didn’t.

What we will say is this has been coming, and regular readers of Ibrox Noise know we’ve been tubthumbing this point for the past month – while December had been stellar, the overall quality of the squad simply wasn’t up to it, and unequivocally our performances this month, so far, had been absolutely inept.

We had the usual blind ones attacking us, giving us the lines about how our concerns about what this club did on the winter break were just garbage, that we were a ‘fake Rangers page’ (we loved that one) and how it was all because Stranraer and St Mirren ‘sat in’.

We warned all we had to do was come up against a better side and we’d be in trouble.

Today we came up against a better side, and not even one who sat in, and we played our worst 90 minutes under Steven Gerrard.

The manager, who has done so much right since he arrived, is finding his achilles heels right now hurting him, and they came home to roost at Tynecastle.

Having blind loyalty to his favourite players.

Persisting with rotten loan players.

Not signing a decent striker

Dropping in-form players no matter how well they play.

This, Steven, is a wake the f*ck up call to you – you’re on the verge of being a legendary Rangers manager, getting so much right – but those little failings, those demons who ignore some players in favour of Jon Flanagan or Glen sodding Kamara, are threatening to derail you.

This calendar year has been horrible on a gigantic level, some disgusting football and truly abject play. And at Tynecastle we saw the epitome of all that is wrong right now – a truly woeful performance with not a single pass mark, except, strangely, maybe, to Goldson and Polster.

Stevie, it’s time to grow as a manager, and show willing to change when players don’t perform.

Your blindness to favourites could cost Rangers the title.

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  1. Polster looked really good, or did he jst look tht gd cos the rest were playin tht pish lol.

    Liked his range of passing and workrate. But we all know Gerrard wont drop golden child.

  2. Well we did see it coming and without being doom and gloom once again we have handed the impetus to that shower even with our game in hand. If we can see its going wrong why can't Stevie and McAllister and for f*** sake change it or were we waiting on Morelos to come back so the team can play around him. Hearts for f*** sake though.

  3. Last time after winter break was the same.A lot of poor performances so bad yet to come if bulletproof players and Stevie's favourites are still in…

  4. You have the potential for greatness, but your habits aforementioned, are worrying. I blame who's advising you, tbh. What is McAllistair doing? Sitting on his arse keeping schtum? It's just not good enough. Heads have to roll. Had to be Hearts.

  5. I totally agree that only Godson, Poster and perhaps Barisic deserve pass marks today. Hopefully Celtic will drop points and we still have to play them twice. Where there's life there's hope!

  6. kamara gets caught all the ball constantly or playing a mile short pass he's been the weak link in the midfield for as far back as I can remember, again yesterday caught on the ball which lead to the second goal, aribo is just lazy losing the ball never hunts to get in back 9 out of 10 times doesn't get passed his 1 v 1 we have better players watching the game in the hoose or out on loan this has been coming for weeks so not surprised to be honest young players get the opportunity have a motm performance then dropped out completely for piss poor players like "fanny" and "o" no Liverpool's dreggs wake up team management ffs.

  7. It was so bad , Kamara Aribo, Flannigan awful. We need more quality but the money is not there to get it till we sell . As far as the league goes once Alfredo returns and Tav we will be there till the end . The Rotten Mob will drop points , and we will beat them again cause we can . Onwards

  8. You could see this was coming an how McAllister an Gerrard could not see this is beyond we go to Stranraer Ann struggle manage a 0/2 win in the cup then we can only beat st Mirren 0/1 in the league the manky mob would be taking 5/6 off teams like that we need to learn from this defeat an play every game as it means something, not just turning up with the attitude we had on Sun awe it’s only Hearts an easy three points the players on the park were as much to blame 2nd to every Ball let hearts run the flanks to get crosses in what did we do stand off them an let them get spaces in behind our back 3 an a pass like that from Kamara you would have bn as well saying on you go cross to nay Smith he will score an that’s exactly what happened Hearts grew in confidence an we wilted like a dead weed an never got going again it does not matter who is wearing the jerseys theee should have bn 150% from each one that wore that jersey yesterday an all I saw was school boy errors an not guts or fight an it has to change by starting on wed night at Ibrox an start to put the pressure back instead of handing it to them on a plate again

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