Friday, 24 January 2020

£25M bids for Alfredo Morelos - bidding war starts

As the January window nears an end, the Alfredo Morelos stories have ramped up to fever pitch.

The two big names that keep being mentioned remain Inter and Sevilla – Sky Sports claim Inter’s interest never really was and they’ve moved onto Llorente or Giroud anyway, but the bid amount was suggested at £25M.

However, with Spanish giants Sevilla joining the chase, their offer is reported to be the same - £25M.

The question is would Rangers even entertain that amount for the most lucrative player in Scotland and one of the hottest names in the UK?

We said before that the club have confirmed only a ‘crazy’ amount will persuade them to sell, but £25M doesn’t exactly strike us as close to that.

Steven Gerrard has stated, categorically, that Morelos will not be sold. Save, of course, for that insane amount.

£25M just isn’t. Double, maybe, maybe, but never £25M.

Wait another 7 days for these stories to go madder and madder as the media plugs the Colombian up more and more for a sale.
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