Monday, 9 December 2019

Why Rangers lost - the truth

Article by: Derek

One high ball, and that was enough.

Yes, it’s true we played Celtic off the park, and yes, we provewe are now better than Celtic, but the final result is still the same. We lost to Celtic.

In many ways, this was the same game as September. On the day we were the better team.

However, it was wrong to say we couldn’t see this one coming.

We have, not so quietly, watched our back four very closely this season for tactical weaknesses, and we just could not stay quiet,when we know Gerrard’s favoured back four does not work well together.

Time and time again we have noted that Helander just does not have any vertical presence. 

He is a beanpole that can be brushed aside as easy as a blade of grass.

This is the reason why we prefer Katicand we called loudly called for Katic to be in the team, because he compliments Goldson in a way that Helander just can’t. 

Katic clears the high balls into the box, Helander ball watches.

And if we have noticed the problem, we are sure our opponents have noticed the same issues. This isn’t rocket science.

Yesterday it was no random shot in the dark that got Celtic their goal. They knew exactly where the weakness was. You could even see Julien signalling for where he wanted the ball to go, well before the kick was taken.

And, yes, the linesman should have called it offside, but the whole Rangers team already know the officials are scared of Celtic, and they should have been ready to defend the goals, even if it was called offside. A professional team covers for all eventualities.

With Helander in the back four this was a free shot at goal, and we warned everyone that was going to happen.

Our midfield is now miles better than Celtic’s. Our attack force is about the same level, but we left a clear opening at the back for Neil Lennon to exploit and exploit it he did. 

This was an early Christmas gift from Gerrard’s that Neil took with absolute glee.

We said it before. Gerrard finally has to realise he is not the Team Captain anymore. 

He is now the manager, and it was his choice to leave this specific gap wide open, for all to see and he let the team down.

Gerrard, we love you, but your loyalty to certain players cost us, and a lot of players yesterday should have been celebrating a glorious win, because being honest they worked their socks and shin guards off for us. 

Yes, even Helander

He did everything he could. He cannot be faulted for the amount of effort he put in

It is just a pity he is just not good enough in the air, and when you are not good enough, you have to step aside and give your position to a better player. 

Yes, it’s tough to take, and some will say we are being overly harsh on our own players; but Rangers have never been a team where” learning your trade” was an option.

Rangers only became the most successful team in the world for one reason, and one reason only. 

Rangers are ruthless, and we demand only the best. If a defender consistently shows he cannot handle a high ball into the middle of the penalty box, it is time to go back to the training ground and learn how to do it properly. 

Just don’t try to learn how to do it in a cup final.
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