Twice in three matches – Steven Gerrard has a big problem to fix

Twice in three matches – Steven Gerrard has a big problem to fix

We’ve noticed a worrying pattern recently. It happened in Rotterdam and it certainly happened last night too.

In Holland Rangers were 1-0 down at half time, having played a pretty rotten first half as Dick Advocaat’s men dominated and dictated.

After half time, nothing changed – the home side continued to control for 15 more minutes, and it appeared any team talk had failed to work.

Then a three-man moment of genius involving Steven Davis, Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos changed everything and Rangers found themselves back in the match before amazingly leading.

But this had nothing to do with Gerrard – this was a goal from nowhere, a brilliant team goal from three men.

Last night, 1-2 up with the tide turning in Aberdeen’s favour, half time came and went, and the second half… saw exactly the same pattern as the minutes which preceded it.

Unlike Rangers re-grasping this match by the scruff of the neck, once again the visitors allowed the match to be dictated to them, to passively watch on as the home side continued to rise.

We just don’t know why this keeps happening, or what’s going wrong in the dressing room at half time when the tide is against Rangers, but something doesn’t seem to work when it comes to responses, and this squad and manager struggle with adversity when in that half time break.

It happened on September 1st – an aberration, we felt, but twice now in a few days is a lot more worrying.

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  1. I don't get the basis to your argument here, you're giving Gerrard no credit to the 2nd half display in Rotterdam but lambasting him for the 2nd half showing in Aberdeen? Seems to be a case if it goes right he's wrong and if it goes wrong he's wrong….

    • Completely agree. It was evident to me that Gerrards half time words against Feyenoord had an effect on the players who performed better in the second half. In fact I believe that is often the case. We either come flying out of the traps or eventually turn up after a half time roasting. To me this is a flaw with the players who seem incapable of carrying a performance over the whole 90 minutes. It should've been obvious to the players in Rotterdam that they were in for a tough night and should've set about the match accordingly. But no, our lot need Gerrard to give them a shake at half time. Where are our leaders on the pitch? This is a serious flaw in our team and will stop us winning trophies. It needs to be addressed and that's where Gerrard needs to do his part. I'm absolutely certain he's aware of these flaws.
      Likewise last night. Having lost a cheap goal we completely fell apart and lost our way. You can't blame the manager for that.

    • Well we explained that there was literally no difference in the second half for a good 15 minutes till that wonder goal. THEN it picked up. Surely if Gerrard's HT team talk had done the job the pattern of play would have improved immediately on 46 minutes?

  2. After last nights shocking defensive display I have no confidence for Sundays cup final, especially if its the same back 4 from last night and its not rocket science to see that goldson/helander are not good enough to take us forward and win trophies,they are not commanding enough and always look as if they are running on treacle and septic will definitely exploit this on Sunday.Gerard does see the problems as we do but as I've said before he is a Stubborn cunt and won't change anytime soon which will eventually come back to bite him the bum if he doesn't win any trophies this season,actually for me he has to win the league this season….. watp

  3. Agree with Dave. My theory is he has made the fatal mistake of getting 'too friendly' with his players. Alex Ferguson was good to his lads, but he also knew when to give them the hairdryer treatment. This blind-spot for Tavernier and Goldson has to end. Or no silver-ware AGAIN for another season. This sis going to come to a head. sooner than Stevie thinks, if we lose on Sunday and again, in a couple of weeks.

  4. It appears to me that we don't have the bottle when we go in front, then teams score against us. It seems we go into defensive mode and run out of ideas. No leaders!
    When I saw your title of the article, I actually thought it was going to be about Goldson and Helander, now twice failed to stop costly goals. Surely Katic must come in to stop this rot!!!
    It pains me to say this, I don't think we have the bottle or consistency to win this league. It was last season about this time, we absolutely crumbled throughout Dec and Jan, and I fear it is going to happen again.
    The Tims won't lose many points, but if we continue to lose/draw games when we are 2-0, then there is a massive defensive problem.
    I don't hold much hope in the final, the beggars are a yard faster and know how to fight for a win when it matters, we just simply don't at the moment. And thats the difference of winning titles and being runners up!!!

  5. A captain who's not scared to kick arses would be a start. The two main stays are playing in amongst mainly international players. Sounds bizarre but says plenty.
    A wee sharp shock is what they both need just to remind them they're not the world beaters they think they are.

  6. Bit of a contradiction going on IN. You described a poor first 60 minutes in Rotterdam, and yet the player ratings you gave after the game certainly suggested a team that had played pretty well.

  7. Completely agree with you Jim … what I see in the defence is a lack of heart, (Tav. aside) the central pairing also have no pace. Goodson is so often out of position it beggars belief and like yourself I fear that their pace and movement is going to be too much for us in the coming weeks. I'd have Katic and Edmundson as our central pairing over these two every day of the week as at least these two have a bit more steel to their game: however I know this ain't going to happen because Gerrard has a blind spot for Goldson. We would naturally then look elsewhere to see where we could tighten up to protect the shaky defence but I'm afraid I'm at a loss to see where the salvation is goin to come from here either as imo the midfield is miss-firing also; Aribo just ain't doing it often enough for me as he appears to be struggling with the rough and tumble of Scottish football… Ojo I'm not even going to waste time talking about, so here I go again about to brooch the topic of a Ryan Jack again… I'm sorry to upset all of those who rave about him and see him as a future captain… Not for me he ain't. He may be able to get by in Scottish football but that really doesn't say a lot as the general standard to say the least is pretty poor. OK he has a bit of dig but does that really make him Rangers material… not for me it doesn't. I for one am cursing the stupidity of Jones as I'm convinced he could make a difference down the flanks alongside Kent so hopefully Gerrard will take a chance on him at some point in the game and hopefully this time when he is capable of impacting on the game and not when we are well and truly gubbed. I'm struggling to formulate a team that is goin to give us a chance but I think it will have to include Stewart as he at least possesses a goal threat aside Alfredo … on top of which we will need Arfield to show a return to form and hopefully nick a goal to boot.

  8. Think the team is a stick on to be: McGregor, Tavernier, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Jack, Davis, Kamara, Arfield, Morelos, Kent.

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