“This one is on the manager” – shambles at Pittodrie exposes massive Rangers problem

“This one is on the manager” – shambles at Pittodrie exposes massive Rangers problem

With the draw at Pittodrie still raw in everyone’s mind, we have to look at just why this happened.

Rangers have been in buoyant form the past few months, matching Celtic a lot of the way. Pittodrie was the first major slip up since Hearts, a lesson we thought we’d learned from.

And the only person being blamed is Steven Gerrard.

Fans, while castigating the hapless back four, equally recognise only one man has kept them in place and failed to hold any of them to account.

Tavernier has cost this club many goals and points. Despite the protestations we receive for our consistent criticism of him over the years, the inescapable truth is the guy is a bad bad defender and can’t be relied on.

Goldson has shown time and time again he has no presence, lacks reading of the game, is no leader, and isn’t good enough to play for a club of this size.

And Helander has had one good match – Porto away. Otherwise he’s exactly the same as Goldson – reasonably composed on the ball but no good at the physical stuff at the back. Also badly lacks pace, just like his partner.

It’s the continued exile of the outstanding Nikola Katic fans just don’t understand, and the moment the first atrocious goal went in the dominance ended – as if the front 6 lost all confidence in the back four and the flow of Rangers’ game ceased.

Rangers just don’t have a reliable defence, and how many times in our ratings have we said ‘Rangers’ best defender’ about Borna Barisic?

Well, we say we don’t have a reliable defence – yes we do, but our manager refuses to select it. Refuses to pick the guys who aren’t in his gang.

Gerrard has done so much good since arriving at Ibrox, but this has been the big blot in his copybook – certain players being immune, certain ones being cast out.

And at Pittodrie it cost Rangers 2 points and joint first place.

This one is on the manager.

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  1. Rangers defence is a joke,no cunt taking control,play like that at the weekend we win fuckall,septic will run riot down the wings for sure

  2. I.N was there another pie incident lastnight thrown at Tav?,thrown when the red smoke from the flares went off,planned fuckin attack,smokescreen then assault our player,the 3 points should be awarded to us and next game empty stadium fannies

    NO SURRENDER🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • I think if you look closer it's a banana ?? Benidormloyal. Fucking disgrace nothing will happen either more hatred on us and outright bias

    • Bill not sure but sky sports showed a pie on the park which had impacted on the back of Tavs neck they say,it was when the red flares where fired so we couldnt see the cunt that threw it,imagine if that was one of our supporters fuck they be calling for a lockdown fannies,That was planned,no wonder Tavs having problems on the park all the shit hes getting from the stadiums,lets see what the spl do about this fuckall fannies
      NO SURRENDER🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  3. It's SG's failure to change, that pisses me off. And by the by, what is McAllister, an ornament? This defence has consistently failed us and it's mostly, Goldson and Tavernier. There will be hell to play, if those two are just picked again and god forbid, we lose to Ceptic. I can see things really coming down on them.

  4. Not everyone blames Gerrard and I bet you weren't either after 30 minutes. Did Gerrard shout instructions onto the pitch to tell everyone to stop playing and fall apart. No he didn't. It was the PLAYERS who let us down. I see what you are saying about Goldson. He did have a stinker but I actually think he has shown signs of improvement lately.
    PS: it won't change for Sunday. He's not going to start messing with the defence before a Cup Final. But he should be looking to get Katic and Edmundson more game time.

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